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Flood prevention on the Water of Leith

I had an appointment in Murrayfield this afternoon (for some bizarre reason I kept confusing Murrayfield and Meadowbank) and while the North Edinburgh cycle paths are a fast and efficient way of getting there, avoiding roads and any suggestion of a hill, they don't offer many blip opportunities. So I pottered back along Ravelston Dykes to Learmonth, down the cobbled hill into Stockbridge and along the Water of Leith to Cannonmills, always on the look out for a likely candidate.

Despite the extraordinary weather, I didn't feel very inspired. I had seen the flood prevention works by the Bonnington Weir the other day, and indeed I saw a photo on blip, although I doubt if I will be able to find it again, but I hadn't realised that these works also extended as fast as the Stockbridge Colonies.

It seems that Bell's Bridge is to be closed tonight and demolished, to be replaced by a new bridge opening in 2012. I've no idea why. Anyway, so community minded are the people of the Colonies that they are having an event to mark the passing of the bridge, this very evening.

Just in time blipping, don't you know?

I found the previous photo of the flood prevention works.

Good background here.

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