Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Flower mad!

I have gone blipping flower mad! another random bush in our garden. It is massive...any ideas?

Nice day off today. Watched some telly....did some washing, some washing up blar blar blar. Baked a nice slimming world cake, going to go off to MIL's to drop off her one.

Looking at sheds and whatnot today. Also wondering what to do about the fence situation. We don't particularly like our neighbours and at the moment, the back gardens all link together. We want to separate it, partially cause they have a dog that they let run all over our garden (and veggie patch etc etc) and there is another neighbour down the road who has 4 dogs and lets them run about in our garden too. Oh, and our neighbours seem to think they have more garden than they do. Surely, the garden in line with our house is ours? we attempt to talk to neighbours, try and reason and make them pay half? Or just buy a fence that's nice on our side, put it up and that's the end of it?

Hmmm....easier to look at sheds.

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