As seen by me...

By GrantR

Forth Road Bridge before the rain

With a nice cloud cover tonight I took a trip down to South Queensferry to try some streaky cloud shots at the bridges. Started out to the east side of the rail bridge but the clouds decided not to play ball. All the decent nice contrasty clouds had buggered off further east and worse, there was rain in the air. Was about to call it a night when I saw the cloud formations over the road bridge so headed for the Binks car park and the wee bit beach next to the harbour. Got set up and got off only one shot before the heavens opened. This was a 100s exposure and for the last 30s of that I was covering the filters with my hands trying to keep the rain spots off. With the rain I hit on the A90 back into Edinburgh I think I packed up at the right time.

This was shot with the Heliopan ND3.0 10 stopper, Hitech 0.6 & 0.9 soft grads.

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