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Today we went to the christening of one of Toddler very best friends brother. We do not go to church hardly ever on account of it being churchy, but I think this sporadic attendance in a way makes it more fun and more of an occasion when we do go.

Wife and Toddler sat more in the action than Baby and I on account of him having a bit of a nap. He woke half way through the service which meant he got to get a good look at what was going on and seemed to find it all quite exciting.

It was a nice service and the party afterwards was really good fun. There was lots of nice chat and the food was really good, especially the cake. All the little ones there had a fab time. Baby was crawling all over the place watching the big kids whilst Toddler and her buddy had a very good game of running round in circles shouting "Yeah, Yeah,Yeah". Foolishly I interupted this game to ask if they were ok. The two of them stopped and looked at me for a second, before charging around in circles again shouting "Yeah,Yeah,Yeah" even louder.

Whilst entertaining some of the children with some crafts I was asked by our friends mum if I would take some pictures of the family on this special occasion. It suddenly dawned on me that they would need to be good and so I had a little panic. I pulled myself together whilst making a Walrus from a couple of pipe cleaners, then we found a decent spot for them all to stand and I then found a mirror on the floor to angle a little more light at them.

We got some nice formal ones which I am quite pleased with (I hope they are too) and then decided to do some fun ones. I chose one of these fun ones as I think it shows a lot of their personality as a family of fun.

I go on and on about the struggles we have with just the two children, but I can't even start to imagine the fun of having four!

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