The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

With thanks

A beautiful bouquet of Lillys, but they may be the reason I have completely bunged up nasal passages. I am grateful for them as they were a thank you gift, but boy are they strongly scented.

Curlyries had his advanced Higher Maths exam today. He claims that people weere actually crying when they came out of the exam because it was so difficult. So we may not hold out for an award from that one then, but give him his due, he has stuck it out to the end.
2 down and 2 to go.

Mr.R made dinner of sausage casserole and very tasty it was too. The pinapple for pudding was bursting with juice.

I love pineapple.

Today I was trying not to sleep moving and handling at work. It sounds better than it was, no really, believe me.

I have lost Ally into the land of research. We seem to be about to buy a Campervan or at least a van to convert. He is missing Our Sally (boat), to tinker with, but the van may make Sally more accessable.

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