Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

blippers block

I was kinda stumped for a blip today..
its one of thos filler days where nothing is planned and nothing spectaculer is going to happen.
so i took the camera for a walk through a few of the workrooms and just randomly shot at anything remotley interesting and figured i would have a look on the computer and see if anything stood out.
there was still nothing awesome but i like the lines and the textures in this shot.

this is a staircase that the apprentices build in their final year. it is scaled down from full size but all the skills needed to build a full size one are taught. Its a pity they finally end up as firewood!...postie

I hope your wednesday is slightly less mediocre than mine.

heres a pic of the complete staircase for those who are interested..pic

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