It seemed like everyone was out to be in the sun although it didn't feel like a day for being out walking and taking photos. To me it felt more like a day for hiding indoors listening to music and drinking cold drinks. The Stills course met up at Newhaven harbour for a wander around the harbour and the new housing developments. And chat. Plenty of chatting: with each other and the people hanging out by the water. As we were walking I noticed an artist setting up an easel. And then I noticed that they were dotted around the benches and steps with boards and pads.

Damian here teaches at Leith School of Art and had taken the chance of the nice day to get his class away from still life and life models and out into the sunshine. He was happy for me to take photos while he sketched. He has a nice bold style of drawing. I also got to take some photos over the shoulder of another sketcher.

Oh, and if you have any idea what this bird is, could you let me know. It was very tame letting me get very close before scarpering.


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