2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Large red damselflies

Lovely sunny day today. Started energetically by taking part in the local Parkrun again - this time on my own without husband as pacemaker. The route was slightly different today as there were sea cadets camping by the side of the river. I was very surprised to find I'd cut 30 seconds off my previous best time - just under 34 mins this time.

Wandered around the garden before lunch and spotted two pairs of mating large red damselflies around the pond. They were fairly obliging and let me get quite close. At one point a pair landed on my thumb and sat there for a while. Tricky taking a photo one-handed!

Walked into town and saw loads of damselflies along the river edge. Lots of bird activity on the river too with families of swans, ducks, geese and coots parading around.

Finally made a decision on a new mobile phone - now need to work out where everything is on it. At least it might have a better battery life than my tired old one (even second battery had given up). Managed to get a very good deal from my phone company too when I rang up to switch to pay-as-you go....now paying half what I was before and get some internet access free.

Waiting to take son number two to bowling alley to meet up with his friends which means only soft drinks for me this evening!

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