All that is beautiful

By sharob

Today has been interesting ...

Oh!!! Yesterday we had the phone call - WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! yay! So end of July, we'll be moving to Peterborough!

So, back to today .. We went to Peterborough this morning to get bits for our wedding invites. On the way though, Clara was coughing and then vomited .. All over herself. She was playing on my iPhone too, it smells ok now after a clean! We went to Asda to find her some new clothes as I didn't take spares. We grabbed lunch in the cafe and then went back to Hobbycraft. Found the wedding aisle in the last 2 minutes before Rob came back eager to leave! Managed to grab some bits though - I'm playing with ideas but I think this is the best, simple and easy to replicate layout.

We came home, had dinner. Mum called to arrange tomorrow as she's coming to watch the girls whilst we sell at the car boot. Then, at 5pm, Mr G had this crazy idea about going to IKEA. We were there by 6:15, the shop was empty and we've decided on a beautiful entertainment / storage unit for our new family room in the new house. Decided on the childrens toy storage and picked out a settee for the family room too. Can't wait to get in, save money and splurge in IKEA!! :) my favourite part is getting home to build it all! :)

And .. A major step forward which will help my sanity .. I've blocked 25 of the Marchies from my FB. I saw a status this morning congratulating someone on their wedding anniversary, now I didn't realise wedding anniversaries were published on FB - oh no, they're not. That lady must have kept a diary .. And just not put my birthday in. Just like all the others forgot. It's sorted now. They're gone. But how sad, a group that I've been involved with for 5 years ... Finished.

And. Others news. I'm 1 day late. I'm as regular as clockwork. Have been so forever. Start pill on Thursday, stop on Wednesday. It happens on Saturday, finishes on Thursday. It hasn't come today. It's strange. Hopefully tomorrow.

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