live and love your life

By Chocolatelover



Up in smoke journal inspired me to take this shot.

I almost forgot if today's my 500th blip. I got a call at a company to do test and interview from noon to late afternoon, i applied for a finance and accounting staff, but seems like they're offering me a job as administration staff.. hmmm...
After doing all tests, i can't think what should i blip for today, I have no inspiration to go where or do not know where to go to get good photographs, being lazy to go around Jakarta that always jammed. So i can only get this picture, something that is not special. and i still can't believe that i'm still here on blipland, i don't know why i still stay here, and don't know until when i can stay here. only time can answer all..

tomorrow i'll have another test and interview at another company. It has been almost 3 months I'm unemployed at home since I completed my sweet thesis and waiting for graduation time on July. but i enjoy this time, i'll do my best to get the best job and let God do the rest.

i want to say thank you to you all,
thank you Joe and blipcentral to created this wonderful site.
thank you everyone, muaacch... XX

Have a wonderful day all!

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