All that is beautiful

By sharob

"Mum is just so boring!"

We looked after our friends 2 children yesterday, they slept the night and left at midday today, Clara was taken to the beach with them as a treat. She got back home about an hour ago, she would not stop jabbering, she really enjoyed her day!

Storm on the other hand, was stuck with packing parents ... Well, we did give her time today. Mr G has done 3 tip runs today and emptied the garage! The large items which we were struggling to sell by advertising were sold today - we put them on our front garden with 'for sale' signs attached so that's our massive chest freezer, roof box and trampoline sold - for £130. We could have got more but it's £130 more than we had and it'll go toward paying Mum back for the deposit she loaned us. All good. I've completely emptied the girls rooms and the airing cupboard. The spare room and our room are getting there slowly. Tomorrow and Tuesday - kitchen! Argh! We'll do it ...

Clara caught sight of something earlier and asked what it was. I told her that it was a dream catcher and that it caught dreams, and trapped the bad ones and only let people have nice dreams. Well, obviously she saw through that load of tripe and looking very worried, asked if dreams come from the sky? So I consulted my old pal Google, there wasn't much on there so I went with my usual approach. I sat there and explained the conscious and the subconscious and that dreams are part of our subconscious. She replied with, wait for it ... "oh!" ... Well, it was better than the sky thing. And she'll go to nursery having learned a new word. They already call her the thesaurus for the words she can say - and understand meanings of!

Blip is Storm, she climbed into her pushchair and cried at me, got out, found her bunny, climbed back in, cried at me, I strapped her in, she went to sleep. Easy!

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