A little Yellowhammer fossicking by the river looking for seedheads in the long grass. Introduced from Europe in the 1860s and are now widely distributed throughout New Zealand.

Just a quick blip today, the rain has arrived along with the cold. Snow is forcasted for the passes and the alps. I have been getting ready for the arrival of Daughter A - arriving tomorrow, she has a cold and touch of the flu and feels like the comforts of home, it will be good to have her home for two whole weeks :)) She has been working solid for the last four weeks between semesters - a two week break will do her good.

Many thanks for the hearts and kind words for yesterdays hellebore - a wee treasure from my winter garden - thank you :))

Must away theres still plenty more to be done and tea to be prepared - time to draw the curtains, as its quite dark tonight - I'll be back later for comments :))

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