Wow, my blip mojo has taken a real dive. I have no enthusiasm for this right now. I have not blipped since Friday and have no real drive to do it now. Except I had a great photo shoot today and want to share my experience with the few who pay attention to my journal (thank you, one and all!).

A few months ago, maybe about a year ago, I was in this same factory doing a shoot in anticipation of an art show called "BOX 10". I took pictures then to be used by the show organizers for brochures and advertising, etc. It was great fun. I love taking pictures in old derelict factories and buildings.

Today, I was back in this same factory. The owners are busy renovating the space to be used as new office and industrial/commercial space. And they have asked me to come in and document, "in an artistic way", the transformation. It is their hope to use some of my images in their space as part of the ambiance, images hanging on walls, for example. And to use some for advertising their expertise in doing this kind of work in the future.

I am happy to do this work. It's exciting to see an old relic of a building in our community come to new life, to be resurrected, in a way.

This particular image is of the sand left after sand blasting the paint off these pillars and the ceiling. I'm worried my camera equipment may have gotten some of this, very abrassive, sand in. I hope not.

It's a great space! I would love to be able to spend more time here. Both by myself, exploring and photographing. And some time with a model or two, because I can see some great images of people in this, men and women in unlikely outfits and situations. It would be cool. And fun.

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