Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Marshland dawn

Yes, another rude awakening by Bob the Cat. And another still and clear dawn. The mists hang over this low-lying ground and vanish when the warmth of the sun reaches them.

Arnside Moss was once a small raised bog, long ago drained and cut for peat. It still retains a little wetland wildlife and mystery.

Starlings are starting to gather into flocks. This morning there were several hundred lining the telegraph wires, gathering together before dispersing again in small roving, feeding parties.

Shortly we shall be heading south to spend a few days with Dad in Southampton. Bob has his friend Mags coming to keep an eye on him.

This blip follows quickly on from last night's, so if you haven't seen it, please take a look. I shall probably not be able to post for a few days, but I'm hoping I will be able to catch up on comments.

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