By cyclops

Wet Grass.


I basically had a good day today but...

... my plan for a blip this morning was thwarted by rain
... my backup plan was thwarted by rain
... plan C, hatched during a dry spell, was thwarted by rain
... plan D was to blip the neon sign at the cinema, but I didn't have my waterproof housing for the camera so that was thwarted. By rain.
... plan E, blip the castle after the cinema was feasible but we were really hungry and, you guessed it, it was raining.
... plan F was thereby hatched, to blip Mrs Cyclops and the cat when it sat on her cutely at home. Unfortunately Mrs Cyclops insisted on being out of focus and the cat fled at the first flash.
... plan G was not dependent on either weather or animals, but sadly I discovered that I left the intended subject at the office.

So I took a picture of some wet grass, because it didn't involve me leaving the shelter of the porch and seemed more palatable than the alternative of "think I'll go and eat worms".

My last grassy blip was what we used to call an "underattended success" when describing events. Still, I like it and todays, and that's all that matters really!

All that remains is to say "prestidigitation". The reason why may become clear tomorrow, or may not. It depends whether the greater forces that present us with blip opportunities smile on me tomorrow or not.

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