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By SJordan

I'm Potty about Potter (once again)!

As mentioned in my blip on Friday, I decided to re-read all the Harry Potter books. Well, it's going pretty well, I'd forgotten how much I love the series, I started The Philosopher's Stone on Friday morning, and finished it after work on Friday night, I then went into the roofspace yesterday, to look out my other books, and started onto The Chamber of Secrets yesterday afternoon, I think I have about 30 more pages to read, then I'll be straight onto The Prisoner of Azkaban (probably within the hour). :D I'd forgotten just how brilliant these books are, and like the title of this suggests, I'm becoming potty about Potter all over again... In fact, I've even booked tickets for the midnight screening of Deathly Hallows: Part 2... ;)

Haven't done a lot today, well, a lot of reading, took the dog for a walk and went to the shopping centre, but I guess that sounds like quite a bit when you write it down..? Anyhoo... Off to finish off this book. ;) Happy Sunday.


P.S. I've backblipped for yesterday, check it out.

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