My Year in Pictures

By jenny


The look that says it all.

"I've only been here one morning and already I'm tired of that black thing you put in front of your face then mine."

Our good friends are off to Bestival with their daughter Isobel and we offered to have Sizzles.

So this morning he arrived with all his bits and bobs ready for a 3 night sleepover.

Despite him and Bill knowing each other well, you never quite know how things are going to go. However so far all's good!

They've been alternating snoozing positions between the study with me or the top of the stairs and both are now snoring gently after their walk just now.

And we're going to have fun with the stairs too. Whilst he can get up them, he can't get down them - and he's heavier and longer than Bill so not the easiest to pick up - I have a feeling however I'll be used to it by the end of his stay!

Though I did discover it was the best place to get a picture of him. If me and Bill are below him, he really doesn't want to move away from the "black thing"!

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