Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

I want to ride my bicycle....

I want to ride my bike....(please infill the rest of queens lyrics as im not brave enough to sing fat bottom girls within 40 miles of my missus)
Two bikes were purchased today so we could have a family cycle day out type thing. for one of us its been 36 years since her (oops) bum graiced a saddle.
we cycled to tilly and back, a grand total of 10km. about 6miles in old money.
It was great fun and carol only crashed into me twice!
sitting down now waiting for some mackerel thats i have in oven for supper.
thanks to stevie who was away sea fishing today.
I just need to find that jar of sudo cream and a willing volounteer to apply it to my very sore, possibly blistered posterior..
oh carol...darling where are yooooooooooooooo

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