Change of plan....

Was meant to be catching a couple of trains to Gatwick, and then fly home today.

This didnt happen. Landslide/burst water mains were the start of the problems, then having to try and get a bus or taxi from East Croydon to Gatwick was the cherry on the cake.

Queues for the buses were over 2 hours long, and when I eventually found a taxi rank with less than 50+ people waiting at it, I was told it would be a 1 hour wait, followed by a journey time of about 2 hours, due to the travel chaos. It didnt take a scientist to work out I'd have missed my flight back to Edinburgh.

Thankfully, I was able to meet E, a tram ride away in Wimbledon, and she took me home again. Train booked for tomorrow..............fingers crossed I make it over the border this time!!

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