Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Moored yacht at North Kessock, in a strong ebb tide.

A very grey and misty day, with occasional heavy showers. Too warm to bother putting on a waterproof during those showers, as you'd stew in another layer.

Was going through my photo gear with a view to selling some rarely used bits off. Was also considering letting this camera go too. I do like its small size (for a DSLR), but I also have a slightly bigger camera that's two generations ahead in terms of performance, with twice as many pixels, and more.

Whilst weighing up the pros and cons, the door bell rang. It was the Postie with a package. Hooray, some photo prints I'd ordered for friends. It's a rare occasion when I have photos printed, so  I'd also included a few extra shots, just to see how they'd look on paper. They were 12 x 8 inch prints, with a slight border, and most of them looked really good. How often are you going to want larger than that size? Bearing in mind that by the time they're mounted and framed, they'll effectively be bigger. I don't have that much wall-space for loads of monster prints.

Of course it then dawned on me, that those photos were taken with this humble little six mega-pixel camera.

Hmm, I'll keep it a while longer...

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