tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Cock with no balls

This is Henry who seemed full of promise when I blipped him as a new arrival on May 29th. But he's proved a complete failure as a cockerel. He rarely crows and has never been seen to tread a hen (poultry-speak for getting his leg over). He lacks the usual instinct to guard and boss the hens, in fact he doesn't seem interested in the opposite sex at all, preferring to spend time on his own, most of all getting legless in a molehill dust-bath in order to preen his feathers and peck at ants.

As well as being legless and ball-less Henry's also pretty clueless: he still has difficulty finding his way into the hen house and is usually last in the race for scraps. It's anyone's guess whether he ends up first in a fox's mouth or in a coq au vin.

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