Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

New Blipper!

Well, the most exciting news of today is that my lovely friend Nova has joined blipfoto! Hurrah! :-)

And so, I thought the only way I could really celebrate was by, er, blipping her blip! Which sounds a bit barking, but hey!

I first met Nova in real life just one week ago, but it was as though I'd known her for ever! Despite experiences with a previous internet friend (who actually lives not very far away from Nova, and who, after I'd met him a couple of times and thought he was my friend, dumped me unceremoniously), I've never managed to harden my heart and am still open to friendship and still relying on my instincts!

Even if I try to be a hardened cynic, I just can't do it, and so, after a year or so of internet contact and just one meeting, I regard her as one of my best friends! She's fab! Hope she doesn't mind me blipping her blip or saying that she's one of the cool kids! :-)

Her blipfoto journal is here, and I'm sure she'd be pleased to be welcomed. I'm ever so pleased to have her here!

The rest of the day has been pretty peaceful - telly, snoozing and so on! Now I'm about to clean the rat cage out and make it all beautiful for the boys! They also have a new hammock, which I hope they'll like!

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