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Baby Led Weaned

I had my doubts when Wife first told me about baby led weaning a few years ago. As usual she was proved right as it really suited our little ones and our lives.

The rule in this house is that we all eat together at the table every night. Not having to mash food up each night and spoon feed a little one had really made this easier meaning dinners are a social affair.

Apparently baby led weaning is also good for other sensory skills which I do not doubt but I have not read the books and hold enough of the facts to go into detail here. Other family members have often been impressed but the way our little ones are left to get on and eat away with ease. This could be because of our mealtimes or simply because they are my children and take after me.

So from experience I heartily recommend baby led weaning as long, as with all parenting, it suits you and your lifestyle and beliefs.

So why am I going on about this now, well tonight I was taking pictures of Baby as he walked past me with a bit of carrot. A bit of it went down the wrong way and his gag reflex kicked straight in, just as it always has when required, and he then pottered on his merry way. At no point was I worried he would not cope with the dubious carrot meaning I got a rather grim but interesting picture of the orange veg coming back up.

I considered blipping it but decided that it was just a but grim, so instead its playing with toy cars, something else I recommend, just as long as you make the broom broom noises that is.

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