My Year in Pictures

By jenny


A few weeks ago a damp patch appeared in our lounge ceiling.

Directly below where our shower drain is.

So we stopped using the shower and I contemplated the potential nightmare of repairing it - it's a wetroom shower and the thought of having to remove all that to get to the problem was too hideous to think about.

However as we were beginning to smell, Shane (from a plumbers in Cheltenham) came round this afternoon and fixed it!

Absolute star he was.

He cut a hole in the lounge ceiling, found the problem, fixed it, put the ceiling back together again and polyfilled the holes. All I now need to do is paint it a few times!

And best of all he agreed to a few pictures for my blip today!

There were a couple of other ones I liked - this one and also this one - however thought you could see his eyes better in this one!

Thanks Shane!

We weren't really beginning to smell - I just said that for storytelling purposes.

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