shotlandka's weebig world

By shotlandka


Life is full of celebrations and remembrances, big ones, little ones, all kinds, some very joyful, and others not at all, which is rather poignant today. Today's celebration was the christening of a lovely wee boy called Max, pictured here with his mum and dad. As those of you who remember past blips will note it wasn't in my church, but in a much more traditional one, Yoker Parish. This brought back many university memories, as we used it as a Christian Union conference venue on one occasion I remember, perhaps two. After the christening there was lovely food and a chance to catch up and discuss politics, the state of the world and how good it is to eat Russian salads and pies! I really need to get organised and see more of so many of my friends, so that these kind of fun conversations aren't a rare pleasure, but a regular occurrence. And I'd get to eat Tanya's Herring in a Fur Coat salad more often, and Vika's cakes, and... I'm glad I put the bit about conversations in first, otherwise I think that may lay me open to an accusation of cupboard love!

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