Not in my stride

Resting Grimacing in the garden after a solo trip to North Berwick and back.

Still high from the previous trip and last week's run, I stupidly thought I'd take the 47 miles in my stride. I did OK though - average speed 17.4 mph so under three hours pedalling in total, but my thigh muscles are feeling a little unresponsive this evening.

I was overtaken by Scobes* on the way out, who pulled in at the top of the only hill on the whole route to photograph me struggling up it in the rain. That's not going to be a pretty sight. At least I'm smiling...

So, got some serious work to do to build up to a 100 mile day, but I think I should stay at home next weekend and work on taming the lawn.

*He was in a car, in case you're wondering.

Photo by Bella

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