Fence Post with Wire Cable

I was not sure today was going to be a very good day. I'd been out at friend's last night for a bbq and I'd drank enough wine that I thought it wise to take a cab home. That meant when I woke today, not only would I have a hangover, but I'd have to go get my car! :( And, it is supposed to rain all day too.

But, even though I woke too early, and with a little (just a little) hangover, the day immediately started to look a lot better. First of all, I woke up! That is always a positive sign!. Then, my hangover disappeared very quickly - in minutes. And then, best of all, I got an unexpected phone call from a friend I don't see much of these days! That was lovely.

Now with a bounce in my step (:P) I decided to go for a hike. Even though it would almost certainly rain on me. If I had known I was going to be snowed on, I might not have gone. I'm glad I did not know. It was a lovely hike, even if a little cold. The snow was only momentary!

I found this fence post on my hike. I took a couple of other pictures here too.
I put them on my blog.

Now I'm cozy in my condo. Sipping a camomile tea. Checking blips. :)

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