An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

200...Not Out!


Well whatd'ya know....200 consecutive blips!! Can't quite believe I've reached this many already! :))

Spookily when I started blipping, we were on our Easter hols in Emsworth. We were on holiday in France when I reached my 100th blip and here we are on holiday again (albeit at home!) when it's my 200th.

You'd think I'd have had time to prepare wouldn't you. Well I did but unfortunately D wouldn't let me paint a face on his bald napper so I had to come up with something else toute suite!

And this is it....hardly original but better than 3rd choice which was a shoe lace and 2 tins of shoe polish fashioned into the obligatory 200!

It goes without saying how much I love blipping and sharing all your journals. I REALLY appreciate every view, comment, star and heart. I'm not going to get mushy as I've just put my mascara on but just want to say a BIG thank you to each and every one of you who share my blip journey.

You are the best!

Right, we are off to Ikea now...oh yes, it's all rock'n'roll here!!! :)))


Just incase you're interested :

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