A flock of seagulls

I knew pretty soon after leaving the office that I'd gone too soon and that going straight to Bike Club at the Parliament would mean sitting around in the cold for too long so I went the longer way down to London Road and took the back route into the park just to keep moving around and warm. The birds were getting fed and were flying around madly so I only needed to wait a couple of minutes for these two to pop themselves into that space and save me from a big empty sky or a harsh crop.

Bike Club was great. The climb up the Seat was as murderous as usual but no slower than Sunday and the need to stop came later and didn't last as long. It can't be long before I make it up without stopping. A very cold but pleasant run with Joe, Dara and wingpig although it did seem that we were haunted by the smell of chips or chinese every time we stopped. That was a bit of torture.

Still, it was fun and nice to get into the warm and sit with pizza and beer watching Masterchef.

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