Darrell K Morris

By darrellkmorris

Seen In London

3.35 p.m. St Paul's Cathedral, London

A wet afternoon underneath the arches looking up at one of Wren's greatest achievements and photographing the occupation around the cathedral.

It was wonderful to watch the many people (tourists, office workers, city workers) who stopped and looked through the plethora of information plastered to the pillars on the archways opposite the cathedral, what many of them made of it all I couldn't tell you. Surely, if even just one person walks away from here and is moved to take action be it to protest the cuts, NHS reform, corporate greed, governements, war, the state of the environment then the camp at St Paul's is truly justified.

The fantastic photo that has taken over one pillar is by @HeardinLondon and was taken at the NHS reform demo earlier this month.

If you would like a copy, Go Here you'll be supporting a very good photographer and a worthy cause.

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