Art Show prep

Hmm, nobody told me there would be so much manual labour involved in this art show thing! ;)

I am exhibiting seven of my photographs in an art show/sale next weekend. Four of my prints have already been approved by the curatorial jury. We're allowed to submit up to four more prints tomorrow. These additional prints must fit the same theme as the initial submissions (that "theme" is pretty loosely interpreted ;) ). I've had those prints ready for a couple of weeks now.

But since my prints are a limited edition run of five, I need to prepare these other prints as well. I've simply mounted them on foam board and and am now wrapping them in plastic to protect them.

Next I'll label them.

But first, a blip break and I'm making more tea. And thinking about dinner.

ps. caught a cold this week. Feel like crap.
pps. have to miss the symphony with Joel tonight :(
ppps. and will likely miss dinner with Joel & Tessa tomorrow :( :( :(
pppps. stupid cold.

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