Stamens Of A Lily

When I take/edit a photo I have to ask myself: "What am I trying to show here?

In a mundane life where nothing too exciting happens (except that today we were successful in obtaining a specimen of cat piddle) the diary bit of blip can be lacking in my case. Hence, I like to turn my attention to editing.

So, to come back to my question:

I want a black background. Tick
I want the stamens in profile. Tick
I want the stamens to relate to the flower, but have priority over it. Tick
I want to blip a lily in a different way to how I've done it so many times before! Tick
I want something visually pleasing. Tick? Untick?

The cat piddle? Possibility of ketones and therefore diabetes. Ali is to go to the vet's on Friday for tooth extraction under general anaesthetic. Another sample for more accurate diagnosis will be extracted by needle at the same time.

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