One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Mimi-figue Mimi-raisin

Mimi is not quite back to her jolly, healthy self. Not just yet. But she definitely is on the mend.
For two days she sounded like Marge Simpsons at the end of a poker night after smoking 3 packs of Gitanes.
Now she just sounds like a child hyena back from a Jedwards panto.
She only halfheartedly joined her brothers in their systematic destruction of the forest.

In others news, and since the forest "walk" did not quite manage to reduce Luca's endless supply of destructive energy, I took him for his first jog with me on the West Pier.
When I told him that we would take it easy and only run 4 km he did not bat an eyelid. Actually he did. He batted shit loads of eyelids. And he talked non-stop. And he jumped over each and every puddle. And zigzagged a lot. And did the T-rex run. And the 40 year old T-rex. And the struthiomimus.
Me, I just concentrated on breathing. And feeling ancient.

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