Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

Action Men (and women)

A day of action country wide.
Here is our picket line outside Alloa Campus.
I was up early and standing in the freezing cold waiting for our union reps to turn up. I actually wached the sun rise behind the college!
It was a good humoured protest and even when some of our colloueges (who werent union members) arrived for work we were nice and polite to them and swapped humourous plesentries.
I was a wee bit wicked to one member of staff though and informed her that she couldnt enter the building unless she had recieved her 3 digit pin number from HR to gain acces to the building...I left it a good minute or two before i told her to just press the entrance button for the door to slide open!!
Im not massively opinionated on the pension struggle but i do believe in supporting the union.
You never know when it might be you who needs them to suport you!

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