Geek Comedy

My son loves his T-shirt. He's a physics major at uni. If you know anything about math, this will make a sense. Helps if you are a hopeless geek. His sister is not and she hates this shirt ;)

But you don't actually have to know very much about math if you just pretend many of the symbols are letters ;) ;)

Oh My Goodness! I had no idea I was about to hit a milestone with my blipping! Cool! Four years worth of blips. I started all this in March of 2007, so quite a bit more than four years ago. But I've never really worried about getting an image every single day (though that would be nice!).

Initially this was to be a visual journal of a somewhat traumatic, transitional period. And it was that. It helped me stay focused and not let life just slide by as it often does (to me). But it became (as most of you will be able to relate to) a bit of an obsession.

It's been great here, getting to know so many of you. I have even gotten to know some of you in real life! How cool is that?

Cheers! And hugs to you all!

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