By J0shua

Ode to Shoes

This blip is for Wintertale.

Two of my recent blips were
1) a new pair of shoes
2) montage of my bike

Well Wintertale made a comment about a montage of shoes, it may have been a flippant remark, but it had been bugging me for a couple of days because I had this rough idea of ....well its above. Like most things in life, a bit harder than expected, took more time than expected and didn't quite turn out as expected. I'm happy enough with it.

Anyway these "parts" are MY ENTIRE SHOE collection. Yes I own three pairs of shoes.... as guide consider this
1) RM boots for work $320ish
2) Salmon hiking mid boot - $280ish
3) Sneakers $10

So while I don't own many shoes I'm not afraid to spend money on them, I prefer to buy fewer of higher quality and wear them until they are absolutely DEAD. There is one exception in that list, was it noticeable?

my L A R G E shoe collection

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