Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks

Spot Jack

Down to Berkshire today. Having missed out on Jack Snipe at London Wetlands Centre there were a couple that had been regularly reported at Lavell's Lake LNR and with fairly good instructions as to where to find them. We met a chap in the car park and when we enquired where the Bittern hide was he pointed to a path and said simply follow your nose.

We then followed our noses as far as a sign - right to Tern hide, straight on to Teal hide. Mmmm, okay our noses were pointing straight on so we eventually arrived at the Teal hide. We're looking for the Bittern hide we said. "You must have walked right passed it". Eventually it transpired that the Tern hide had been renamed the Bittern hide, they just hadn't redone the sign.

Well as we entered the Bittern hide they said the Jack Snipe's showing and as we looked through someone's scope we were both left wondering where - until it started bobbing up and down as Jack Snipes do. So today's photo is of a Jack Snipe - unfortunately for you it won't start bobbing up and down - but it's there honest - right in the middle - honest.

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