My son, Joel

I'm probably repeating myself far too much. But I cannot help it. I am so very proud of this young man and I love him more than I can ever say. I feel the same about all three of my children. But it's Joel that gets the limelight today.

Joel is in his third year at uni studying Physics. Although it seems he has decided to switch programs and will now be in the Computational Mathematics program (better job prospects and it seems to suit his penchant for working with computers, mathematics and everything in-between.

Today, Joel and his younger sister Tessa (my youngest ;) came for dinner. I had planned some kind of sweet & sour meatball dinner they both like so much but could not find the "correct" recipe. I called Tessa (the family archivist, cook and all things "detail") to get the recipe. But she told me they had just had the same dinner only a couple of nights back and could I please, please, please consider something else (I did. They enjoyed it).

We had a lovely evening discussing everything and nothing and just hanging out.

There may be many things I've screwed up in my life. But it seems these children of mine are not amongst them. Whew.

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