creative lenna

By creativelenna

dogs and boats

They go together quite nicely! In fact, some dogs can't stand it if you go out in a boat without them! Above, Piper is riding tandem with her owner Dave Lucas. These two did not start off the kayak trip that way though. Six people and 2 dogs pushed off from Lucas Boatworks on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a paddle on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The tide was low and the water a bit shallow, but deep enough for kayaks. We had paddled a little ways, gone around the corner behind some trees, when we heard a strange splashing in the water behind us. It was Piper, running though the water to catch up with us!! She did not want to be left behind. Stan & Dave got her in the tandem kayak you see above (large) and a great afternoon was had by all, people and dogs ; ^ )

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