A Ray Of Hope, Flickers in the Sky...

I'm getting fed up of travelling to work in the dark - at 8.10 this morning, the sun hadn't even risen, and it was pitch black when I left. So dark that I left to the headlights of the wrong car!

I can't get nice sunshine blips, or sea, or sky, and I'm stuck with poorly lit shots in the house, or snatched through the glass at work.

At least today is the longest day, and from tomorrow, it starts getting lighter and brighter.

This vision before you, I had to take carefully. Toolibelle is creating her Christmas presents for her friends. Just out of shot there are two brush poles, postitioned carefully over the arms of the chairs, with various dangly things hanging from them. She didn't want me to Blip the completed items because she wanted them to be a surprise for the friendlies.

Suffice to say, she is finished, and the mess is twice as large as this, and she is sitting back, watching the TV and having a cup of tea!

I've just spent a lovely time speaking to Boy on line. He really is having the best time. He is being hosted by one of his new college friends' parents, who live in Orlando, and is telling me of his evenings at Parties, Hot Tubs, Football matches and games.

On Christmas he is meeting up with his girlfriend, and the intention is to spend 10 days in the amusement parks before heading back to college. What a flipping life. What a life!

Oh - And Tooli, is heading to Malta first week in January, to play Volleyball with the Scottish U18 Ladies! Wow! My Kids! Who'd have thought!

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