Richie's Photo Journal

By richie5um

Official Photographer

Spent most of today shooting a wedding. Went fairly well, this was the couple just after the ceremony.

The biggest problem I had was the light levels inside the building. I was just about getting 1/30 sec@f4 (ISO 1600). Thankfully my main lens has got Image Stabilization, but the resultant images are a big disappointing. I thought about using the 50mm 1.8, but with only one DSLR body, I would be forever changing lenses.

I'm really tempted to upgrade my camera, and would really love the Nikon D300, but that would mean a complete change of lenses (currently using a Canon 350D). Alternatively there is the Canon 40D or 5D. The 40D looks good, but love the idea of the full frame sensor in the 5D. But, the 5D has been out for soooooo long, that I'd want to wait until an updated model was announced and see if that was better suited.

Alternatively, I could keep hold of my money ;-).

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