an itching in my thumbs

By itchythumbs

shutter release has been disabled.

that is the message i received shortly after deploying this single christmas shot.

the follow up line was:

"please charge battery immediately."

unfortunately my cord was in fort worth so this is the only picture from christmas all day, taken with an absurdly fast shutter speed in a dim pre-dawn room.

merry christmas to all on blip. i hope yours was as truly wonderful as mine.

and now, off to big bend. will backblip a mess on january 1st or possibly 2nd. you don't want to miss it - they will be, i hope, an unfamiliar yet beautiful scene to many of you!

oh, and see my backblip yesterday, it is one of my favorites for some reason.

merry christmas and have a great new year - see you around the corner.

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