The Life of Lauren

By laurgurl326

Pull Me In

For 2 months in the summer I leave my home in Muskegon and my school in Bowling Green. I say goodbye to friends and family to embark on my epic adventure. Every year I say it will be my last summer spent in this way; yet, I keep coming back.
30-some 20-something-year-olds all:
Living together.
Sharing meals together.
Laughing together.
Sleeping in bunkbeds together.
Loving together.

The best months of my life are spent in this manner every summer. My friends and I keep coming back because it truly changes your life. To be with people that much really connects you. I know some new people better than the friends I have known since Kindergarten.

This is Kalin.
After 2 of the best summers of my life:
She is my sanity,
My biggest fan,
My nurturer,
My acting partner
My twin,
My morning glory,
My relationship guru
My shoulder I always manage to cry on,
My person that I know will always laugh at my lame jokes,
My other half.

I'm not kidding when I say she is an eye, hand, and foot model in Chicago
Dazed and Confuzzed
Shades of Grey/Gray.

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