Snaps that came out well

By timr

Hayle estuary, Carn Brea, etc. Worth a closer look?

Today's picture isn't so much about the picture as the journey...

a) I got up and out for an early blip (before 'work' - which regulars will know is an event in itself) and...
b) pulled into a field entrance to let a car go by - thereby getting stuck in mud for ages trying to get out.
c) How one gets mud on the doors, bonnet and roof I'll never understand.
d) With treads clogged with mud I nearly slid into a taxi coming the other way
e) but the view from Steeple Hill was stunning and worth the close shave.
f) I don't have a big zoom for this new camera but liked this crop more than the wide angle view so the quality has suffered somewhat.
g) Do I care?
h) It's now 1 hour 40 since I went out. I need to do some work.

Mode : Program (just so I could say I wasn't in Auto)
Gimp : Crop and sharpened.

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