But This One Is.

A harbour shot that is. As opposed to this one, which obviously isn't. This spot does seems to be a great fallback for the local blippers as we're always bumping into each other down here, just like tonight.

Almost five o'clock and there was still that faint glow of twilight hanging around the horizon below Venus Jupiter and above the Forth tonight. Which was nice. Ten minutes before and the sky was bright pink, which would've been nicer, but that'll come soon enough on another visit.

Talking of visits, I picked up a couple of voicemails when I got home, from a BT engineer that had turned up this afternoon to fix the problem with our telephone line (you know, the one we've not to talk about ever again). That was despite me contacting them on Tuesday to cancel it and receiving a call this morning to say that it had been cancelled. I did cal backl and apologise to the guy for having his time wasted but I thought it was pretty hilarious that the people that provide and service our communication's systems don't talk to each other. I did feel sorry for the chap.

For a bit.

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