Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

Miracle on the Ice

Today, while bicycling to work, I saw today's blip.

A fallen bike with some clear marks on the ice or snow. Title being: It wasn't me, it was the other guy.

Picture, or it didn't happen! Well, it did not. I did not fall, though the road was extremely slippery. Icy, should I say.

It took rather long to get to work. And once I left the after-work coffee at Café Art, it took more than an hour to get home. Didn't bicycle the whole time, though.

I am really happy.

I just have to share a few work related thoughts:
We're having rather good strive at work now. Everything seems to go smoothly. We're constantly improving and cleaning the old code base. The new assignment (schedule/features/PO - pick whichever) allows us to make the things right also from technical perspective. Seems like we're onto something here.

And we're having so utterly good cooperation between us developers and the business that I could not have believed it being possible. Right from the beginning to the very end.

And the atmosphere is just great. We're constantly laughing, enjoying the work. And what's even better - we're constantly discussion with each other and working together. Asking help and giving support.

They are great guys.
Haven't experienced anything like this before. I'm so happy.

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