Steaming on a Saturday

Horribly flat and grey out there today, struggled to find anything to photograph through all that murk hanging around.

You were going to get a photo of a dead sheep that was lying nearby but it was making me gag on my ham and cheese sandwich as I was editing it so, as a lot of people would be eating as it was posted, I decided against that. No, don't thank me, you're most welcome.

The factory up there, despite living a good part of my life being able to smell the place most days less than two miles away and having a couple of relatives employed at, is still a bit of a mystery to me. Back in the 1970s it had its own madcap scientists working on secret stuff (in between starring in music videos that was) and I think it does much the same nowadays. I know it's food related so imagine there's a kind of a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory thing going on underneath all that steam. Everlasting gob-stoppers and all that.

Time to head off and see if I can live up to that title now.

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