Brave Blue World

By OlliEcological

Food glorious food (after a bit of graft that is).

Went up to the allotment with the dashing and handsome Mr. John Golding and his son Wilfred earlier. These frosts are a bit of a bonus at the moment as all those pesky weeds we've dug up will be ended. Hopefully a lot of the slugs as well as slug pellets are an absolute no-no and those nematodes you can buy cost a fucking fortune (even though they work incredibly well).

The biggest issue at hand with the allotment is how we (the dashing Mr. Golding is the other half of the two-man co-operative) can deer-proof it. Last year I lost all my peas, all my carrots and all my strawberries to the lovely Capreolus capreolus despite several sowings. This year it will not, can not, happen again. The only proviso we set is that aside from sundries like nails, cable ties and string, nothing will be paid for. Freegle has a part to play but so does foraging, bartering and innovation.

This year there will be spuds, onions, runner beans, courgettes, squashes, carrots, peas, strawbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. And more leafy greens than you could shake a buttery frying pan at.

Best get digging in that horse shit.

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