Nutty on the Inside.....

By PurpleWrapper

Meet Roger the Bringer of Colour

All Pheasants here are called Roger. They all come to see us in the morning they eat the corn from our hands than vanish into the gorse.
In the spring they fetch their ladies and then in turn the odd young bird.

The colours are the best and like the frost glistening & the sunsets glowing shows us how amazing nature is. At what can be, to some the dullest (is that a word?) time of year there is actually colour everywhere but it becomes the norm so we don't appreciate it as we should. Maybe ?

Another colour around in full force today was/is (im sure it's still there waiting to pull me down) brown ...... MUD!! It calls my name.
As do my darling birds who dib their bills just under the surface. Carrying water in their bills to enable them to sift through the silt to find grit & worms, creating a larger area of wet brown goo.
The ducks know a bucket of feed in the nutty ones hand and a puddle of strategically place MUD can only end with one out come.........

Yep backside down!

They run round quacking, the geese come running & suddenly I'm surrounded by a lot of laughing birds enjoying both corn & mud!

No damage done except the spilt corn but I'm sure once my back was turned the Rogers and their girls, the numerous Bob robs and Mr B's (blackbirds) will be there also twittering that mud is the best & plot with the ducks to keep it around for weeks to come!

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