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Ramblewood Inn

The main news of the day is that Ant's appointment went well in the end - or at least better than we'd expected. A very nice, although I suspect slightly deaf nurse, very carefully removed the cast and then the dressing. Even she thought his fingers looked a mess. The doc sneakily removed the pin while he was chatting to Ant, who has just said, while shuddering, "My fingers are twitching at the thought; it wasn't the nicest feeling in the world".

The verdict from the doc is that he's happy with how it's all looking, although the fingernails are definitely going to be lost. Apparently they were removed and then reset so that they would act as a template for when new fingernails grow. The doc reckons they'd come off with a quick tug or a soak in a bath, but Ant's not up for either of those at the moment. In fact, he's feeling quite vulnerable now the cast is off, particularly as it would be easy to catch the fingernails, which are sticking up a long way from the nailbeds. The nurse was inclined to agree and so has put a couple of light dressings onto the two damaged fingers. We've got to go to see our practice nurse for them to be removed and the wounds checked in a week's time. Ant's not allowed to do any outside stuff for another few weeks, so it will be at least the beginning of February before he's even thinking about returning to work.

Tonight's photo is a bit rubbish I'm afraid. It's a shot of the Ramblewood Inn, the pub where our regular local Crohn's and Colitis UK meeting has been held in recent months. The leader of our local subgroup couldn't make the start of the meeting tonight due to a work training course and the other person who was supposed to be going pulled out at the very last minute, so I had to rush to get the manuscript I mentioned yesterday finished and emailed to my client before I left for the meeting. A new person to our group was due to attend, but she only had the phone numbers of the other two people. Our leader couldn't text while he was in his training course and I didn't know anything but her name. As it turns out, she turned up, waited around for 25 minutes and then left. If it's the person I think it was, she smiled at me when she came in but then didn't come over after getting a drink at the bar so I didn't think it was her. I'm kicking myself now for not going to speak to her and feel dreadful that she had a wasted evening and left without getting any help or advice :(

I'm also a bit peeved because it turns out that the onion rings and chips that came with my veggie burger were cooked in the same fat that they use to cook fish. I now have a really unpleasant fishy aftertaste in my mouth. Although I got an apology from the waiter, who completely understood why I wasn't happy, there was no suggestion of a part refund or even a free drink. Not impressed.

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